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January 28, 2009


UNbelievable!! It truly is maddening! Thank you for linking...

You are obviously eating breakfast and reading your paper before me! But I'm glad you pointed it out, so dh and I read and discussed this over breakfast. Most of the items are so upsetting, but the Global Warming research was really hard to swallow.

I'm not finding too much "hope and change" with the new administration. Thanks for the great article!

Very interesting - thanks for the link! I sent it to my husband and posted the original link to this post on my site . . .

Ridiculous! :)


doesn't this make you sick? ugh! and phooey! the good thing? i've never been so involved in making phone calls to my elected congressmen (and women) than I have this past week.

I like your site, except for the political items.

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