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January 09, 2009


LOL!! Who would ever replace you?

you are both totally hysterical!

I am still laughing

This is so funny! I cannot figure out how to leave a message for Lissa, so I will leave it here!

Oh Alice, I weep for thee!! Sadly, there is another, with lots of blush!!! ROFLOL!!! You're a good sport sweetie! Hugs! Pretty soon it'll be you hon!!

I'm sorry, sweetie. It's just that, you know, you pale in comparison. I recommend the application of six coats of rouge.

Lissa, do you mean to tell me that Rosacea doesn't count??????

I think you need to tease and poof your hair and you'll be back on the A list, dear.

Oh my goodness, Alice! That was so hysterical.....thanks for linking. Karen said to go for the poofed hair.....I say go for the rouge!

I'm over here catching up on the past month or so....and saw the Chrismtas Stair Step picture....we may have to try that, since we have the same situation!!!

Hope you had a blessed Christmas season and everyone is doing well!!!
God Bless,

I absolutely LOVED the post. I'm passing it along to a couple of friends who are expecting their 8th and 9th children.

Prayers for you and your wee one's safe arrival!

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