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January 25, 2009


Oh Alice, I would love to post a picture, but I just figured Mary Ellen would want to do the "formal introduction". We did visit on Sat. night and I can tell you this... that baby is perfectly beautiful. His curls have relaxed a bit into a rather trendy spiked look. He looks like Sean. He is a beautiful shade of pink and his skin is flawless. There can be no mistaking him for anything but a Barrett baby!

Oh Alice, I just assumed Mary Ellen would want to do the "formal introuction" herself, but I'll see what she says. I'm afraid the curls have straightened out into a rather trendy spiked look. His hair is platinum blond and his skin is perfectly pink and smooth...wish I could have given him a snuggle through the nursery glass! There would be no mistaking this little guy for anything but a Barrett child! He looks just like Sean.
Hope my description does him justice until some pics get posted!
Love, Chris

Thanks Christine!

Love the gorgeous photo over at the Bonny Blue House!

Thanks for the update - all these babies coming! Yours is next I'm sure. I'm ready to be done, but know it's best that baby stays put for another 6+ weeks.

Can't wait to hear your announcement!

I hereby bestow upon you "The Lovely Award".

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