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January 18, 2009


Wow! Looks like a wonderful time. And Agnes is so beautiful!

How special! Happy Birthday, lovely Agnes! You are beautiful!!

Happy birthday to your beautiful, elegant girl. What a glorious party! I'd love to give the link of this post to anyone who said homeschooled children had problems with socialisation!

Best wishes also for your soon-to-be baby. I hope you are doing well.

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl. That was great!

Happiest of early birthdays! What a wonderful batch of memories for all involved.

Alice ... you just keep impressing me! What a wonderful mom and friend ... how are you feeling?

What a wonderful party, and such a lovely array of young ladies!

Happy Birthday Agnes! May you share many more surrounded by the love of family and friends!

Oh, Alice, she's such a lovely young lady. And fifteen! I can hardly believe it! (I have on on the brink of thirteen and I just pretend it isn't so. :-) )

What fun, happiest birthday wishes to the sweetest 15 yo girl!!! Your mom rocks :))) MAny blessings and much love,

What a wonderful suprise and how blessed you and your girls are to be surrounded by such a fine group of homeschooling friends.

Happy Birthday to Agnes! And Alice, Happy soon-to-be Birth day. *smile*

Beautiful pictures!

What a great idea! Looks like a fabulous time was had by all! Happy Birthday Agnes!

looks like such fun...

happy birthday to Agnes!

Happy Birthday to your dear, beautiful girl!

Happy (almost) birthday Agnes! You are a beautiful young lady - and so blessed with wonderful friends!

And a wonderful mother as well! :)

Oh, what fun - surprise parties are great. Happy early birthday to your lovely daughter.

Happy early birthday, Agnes! You know we would have been there if we could! :-D

Wow! Keep blogging about your beautiful teens, Alice - it gives us with young'ins an idea of what meaningful friendships are possible for our own homeschooled children.

Oh how beautiful!!!!! And how we wish we'd been there. That first picture is a classic.

This all puts me in mind of the last time I had a newborn baby during an Agnes birthday party--that was my sweet Beanie!

Happy Birthday (and feast day!) dear Agnes! What a lovely party your friends gave you! You are so blessed to have such good friends and such a thoughtful, loving mother.

What a beautiful young lady...and how very sweet of you. I love that you got the idea from your mom doing the same thing for you.

Because my mother-in-law mentioned how much she loved listening to her mother (a church organist) play the piano while she and all her siblings were in their beds for the night, I now play the piano many evenings for our children after we tuck them in bed. (Added benefit: It also helps them to hear some of the songs they're currently playing/learning for piano and violin as well!) I started doing this a few Christmases ago. BTW--I'm not an excellent pianist, but my kids don't know that yet. I'm just going for the memories! =)

Continued prayers for you and your wee one!

Happy Birthday Agnes! It looks like it was a great party.

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