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November 28, 2008


No. But it sure SEEMS like that many...

My son wore cloth diapers and disposables at day care and I don't think we went through 14 diapers a day even in cloth diapers.

Sounds a little high to me, maybe it's calculated on a child being potty trained at 3 and a half.

Yeah, that math seems a bit fuzzy to me, too.

You know, it would make a good lesson in statistics. The total was probably arrived at by taking the number of diapers a *newborn* goes through, and multiplying it out through potty training age (even so, I think it's high for newborns.) But, it would illustrate a faulty line of reasoning, because it doesn't take into account the fact that, cloth or disposable, the number of dirty diapers a day changes drastically from newborn-age to older babies to toddlers.

Sounds a bit potty to me ;-)

Is there a rather sinister side to this as well though -- all about the "environmentally unfriendly" element of bringing a child into the world? Maybe I'm paranoid...

That absolutely can't be right! The only time we use anywhere near 9-14 diapers in a day would be with a newborn.

Speaking of which, you're getting pretty close! Hope you're feeling well...

For our diaper wearing boy we use maybe 2 and at most 3 a day. Many days we use cloth.

Just a funny story, my daughter still wets at night (some nights she is dry but other nights not) and she has cloth pullups. Last night, my dear husband helped me pull one of the cloth pullups off her while she was half asleep and he called it "your pioneer rags". I laughed so hard that I woke her up. I'm still laughing.

Lol! I think the ONLY time we even came CLOSE to 14 diapers a day was when they were brand new newborns and I was nursing...you know how it can sometimes be hard to know when they are completely "finished"? Lol!

I wonder if they asked REAL mothers how many diapers were used on average, or if some young thing in the marketing department just guessed??

We used cloth 99% of the time.

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