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November 29, 2008


Oh Alice, what a delight, it looks like it was a lovely occaision, congratulations sweetie!

Congratulations :-) I'm glad you had such a beautiful setting to share your beautiful vision of homeschooling.

How very cool, Alice! And on top of a signing to meet Josephine Nobisso is awesome!

Love the book and hope all who get the chance to read it do too!


How wonderful! I wish I could have been there. And do pardon me for being superficial, but you, my dear, are blessed with the loveliest skin!

Oh it all looks delightful! Well done and congratulation.

What a beautiful venue for a book-signing! Why wasn't I invited? : )

It looks like a lovely time! How wonderful!

Oh, Alice, it looks lovely! How fun and exciting for you and for everyone who was blessed to attend. Hey, Margaret, I wasn't invited either. What does the Midwest Contingent of Fans have to do to get into one of these to-dos??

I think we just need to show up at her door, Karen. I don't *think* she'd turn us away...

How awesome - looks like a wonderful event.

Our local homeschooling group is loving your book.

What a beautiful store and event! Would love to have such a place close by and better still, you to listen to in person! :)

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