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November 05, 2008



I had the same scripture come to mind this morning! There are so many walking wounded - the post abortive women and men. We just keep on praying and refer people to Rachel's Vineyard.

Beautiful. I've been reminded of this scripture all week. Many, many prayers are needed now more than ever.

Praying along side all of you. I am shocked and saddened that so many people have elected such an anti life leader.

Thank you,Alice. May God bless you.

Thanks for stopping by Alice. I have been wondering how you are?

This scripture is one that I did not think of and it is touchingly poetic, sad too.

Lord, have mercy.

Hey people, Separate church from state. The president-elect is NOT anti life - he is for people exercising their FREE WILL to make the best decision for THEM, WITHOUT government or church interference, which is what America is all about. Perhaps all of you pinko communists (JMJ, et all) should move to a third world country and see how much you like it and can make your own decisions. GROW UP IDIOTS!!!!

I never thought of this before I read Matthew's comment. How is it that all of you God Fearin' Christians can pass judgment on anyone who has a thought for themselves and does not blindly fall in step with your thoughts and ideals? Isn't that reserved for someone else - to pass judgement - someone who takes ANY and EVERYONE into HIS fold? You are all so self righteous that I have difficulty believing you are interested in HIS true message - to love all above everything. Who appointed all of you sinners as the Redeemer? Perhaps you should fall to your knees and beg forgiveness for the true sinners you really are. SHAMEFUL all of YOU!!! You embarass me as a Christian and a Catholic. Thanks for ruining my religion for me because I DO NOT want to be like any of you!!! Happy for the message you are portraying? Have a nice life and an even nicer eternity. ROTFLMAO!!!!

I am saddened by the previous two comments... Alice, your post entitled "life" is simple, yet beautiful... You were simply reminding us to pray. You were not passing judgement... Thank you for being an advocate in prayer for the unborn. God bless you!

Thank You

To know you, is to love you Alice. I couldn't think of anyone who truly doesn't judge hearts and souls the way you do, while still admirably defending truth so eloquently.

Chesterton said that truth is recognizable by the fact that it is attacked from all sides and attacked for opposite reasons. Liars hate the truth so much that they don’t mind contradicting themselves....sadly this is what we are seeing here.

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