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November 21, 2008


It never fails to amaze me how people who know nothing about a particular topic can feel qualified to make such spectacularly flawed generalizations!

Sadly, I don't think I can endure even 30 seconds of "The View" so I won't be watching the clip. Your book, however, will be on my night stand for years.

good place to be, demented that is, if Behar thinks so! You are in good company, that poor soul needs lots of prayers.

Alice, I'm just posting to say "Hello!"

I won't say much about "that show" because I can't really think of anything that raises my blood pressure faster "that show!"

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

For goodness sake, they should know better than to apply such an adjective as a generalization to any group! Yes, I think you should send your book, just because they wouldn't expect it. You never know, you just might touch a nerve.

Well, I guess if the likes of Joy Behar are calling our children demented, we must be doing something right!

I agree with Elizabeth. Send them a copy of your book.

Is it for sale in Australia Alice?

What a wind-bag.

Oh The View...I can't even watch that show. The few times I've tried I end up having to go to confession for my anger! LOL

Oh Alice,
I can't even begin to watch that show...and I like cats! I say send the book! Maybe they'll invite you (and your beautiful homeschooled family!) on to discuss it! ;-)

God Bless,

That's horrible, Alice! You're right. You should send them your book.

Amazing how the misconception that homeschooled kids are "isolated" persists. Perhaps Joy's misconception stems from the fact that she has isolated herself from any real homeschoolers. :-)

I've never seen that show, and now I know why. That is so, so sad. Let us put ourselves in the presence of God and pray for her conversion.

And YES! I think you should send her your delightful book, Alice.

She and Biden sure have a lot in common, don't they? They both suffer from Foot-in-Mouth disease. Must be dreadful for them. It flairs up every time they get in front of a camera. One of the symptoms.

That woman is just ridiculous. I cannot watch that show. But, do send your book, because nothing would change her mind faster than a glimpse at your gorgeous family.

Oh, bleh. I'm sure there are some who would take her word as gospel, but as long as we know better... if they're dissing us, we must be doing something right!

I wouldn't waste one more second caring what Joy Behar thinks about anything. Just because someone is loud and confident (and paid well for her rabble-rousing abilities) does not mean she actually knows anything at all.

If you sent them your book, and you ended up on their show, please know that Ms. Behar will not extend any professional courtesy to you. She yells statements like the one you quoted at their guests all the time, acting like she speaks "for the people," and garnering supportive applause from the audience as she goes. I'd be willing to bet they're *hoping* such comments will send them someone to try to take her on. (That way, they don't even have to do any research!)

Maybe you could take that sort of abuse. Me -- I'd stay far, far away. There are better venues for sharing the truths so eloquently expressed in your book.

Honestly, Alice, I think you're just too classy to try to get tangled up with that crowd. (Just in case you're serious!!!)


Totally kidding about sending the book! I don't think it's "View" material!!! :) :) :)

Thanks everyone!

Oh man...she poked the beast!!! You let her have it! "Demented"???? If she wants to see demented, she should see my house, full of non-homeschoolers, at breakfast! Now THAT'S demented!! LOL!!!

I guess my kids are going to be "demented," too! My husband had sent me a copy of the clip and I could barely stand to watch it. What a bunch of screechy, squabbling women! I don't know how the blond woman can handle being on there. She seems like the only sane one and she usually gets interrupted and shouted down, at least in the very few times I've seen any of it.

They definitely would not appreciate your book! (Not like we do!)

Those women need our prayers!!!

Hoping your well - I know I missed your birthday, but I hope it was wonderful!

Love to you and your wonderful family!

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