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November 30, 2008


Could they be ANY cuter!! Hope your Thanksgiving was very peaceful and joyful friend :)

That is adorable!

How darling! They could not be any cuter.

Wow -- how cute is that! Now you do realize that your beautiful Maureen would be a perfect fit for my 6yo BamBam! ;-'

Blessings and hope y'all had a great TurkeyDay!

Oh my goodness they are growing up so fast!! And such sweeties :-)

What beautiful, beautiful photos, and what fun!!

So cute!

Oh, they are so, so, so incredibly beautiful!!!!

Oh,how sweet they are:-)

Oh they are so adorable.


Oh my, Alice, this is so dear! That last pic is especially beautiful! xk

They are such cutie pies! Lovely pictures.


Oh my goodness, they are so sweet! Just darling. Last year my girls were little bo and her lost sheep for Halloween. This year, those costumes no longer fit. :( Just one more girl, O Lord, just one more??

Oh my goodness! Your children always look so happy, Alice. :) The costumes are so sweet.

absolutely darling! what cuties!

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