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August 25, 2008


Thanks for linking to this article, Alice. I had no idea that this issue was even on the table. We've got to keep praying about this election!

Interesting link. While I don't think that pre-school should be "mandatory," for some of us it was a good decision form our children.

I am the mother of one - not by choice, but that was apparently God's plan. I live an hour from family and moved here just before my son's first birthday (he will be 19 this week). When we moved here, we lived in a neighborhood with only a few childen and their mothers worked,so they were all in day care. So for my child, pre-school was a wonderful and necessary choice for him to socialize and make friends. We were fortunate to have a pre-school in our parish school and it provided him with a place to play with children and learn in a Catholic environment.

Thank you, Colleen!

And thank you very much for your perspective on the issue, Ellen!

I actually called the Michael Medved talk radio show and got on in regard to this exact topic. I told him that it undermines traditional families by making it far easier for a mom to return to work if preschool is free (aka federally funded daycare). I didn't get a chance to tell him, and everyone listening, that they should read the classic, "The Hurried Child" by David Elkind, which was a seminal work on the dangers of preschool (and written about 20+ years ago).

Fascinating article. I've always thought it was very telling that preschool was "invented" in Nazi Germany! (at least that is what I seem to have read and what has stuck, feel free to correct me if I am wrong!)

Great article! Boy, just what we need--kids with more anxiety, hyperactivity and poor social skills. Thanks to one of your readers, I'm looking forward to also reading "The Hurried Child."

Thank you for always posting such relevant information, Alice. Your blogging enriches my life!

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