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August 25, 2008


Yay!! That's all. :)

and yet...another reason to smile! Congratulations, Alice :)))

It's such a joy. Many blessings to you, and I hope you are feeling well.


Oh such joy -- I hope all works out and you have a beauitful bouncing wonderful gift from God in January...

My boys would like you to have another son ... what are chances?

Ohhh this is when my dear sweet Benjamin was due!!! He wasn't born until 2/5 though LOL..He was born on Super Tuesday/Fat Tuesday. So we joke that he was born on SUPER FAT TUESDAY! ;)

I love that we are, for once, due in the same month! :)

Alice! We are due very close together! According to my ticker I am 101 days pregnant!

Keeping you in my prayers.

I have three January babies, Alice. I love being pregnant at Christmas--those pregnancies were so special to me. Prayers for your wee little one! :)

congratulations. What wonderful news.

Lots of cheers went up from my family and my sister's family when I announced you were pregnant. C wants you to have the baby while drinking tea..he doesn't quite get the concept of labor! :) We are thrilled beyond measure for you all. God bless.

Oh Alice!! How absolutely wonderful!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Aw, babies.

My third was born Dec. 22 and I always call her my Christmas baby. Having a baby in the middle of the winter is so nice because you can sit all cozy and warm in your house and just nurse and enjoy your little one.

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