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July 13, 2008


Ahhhhhh! LOL!!!!!!

Paul wants to come and play in the "hay!" But I say, to his dismay, "no way!" Another day! When the hay has gone away...I hope the cottage does not sway! And the thatching does not fray... ;)

Oops! Did I give it away?

Are you re-roofing? CRAZY! That's just right out of a fairy tale. I hope no big bad wolf comes to blow it all in! How fun.

Oh boy, is it finally happening??? I am so so so excited!!! I can't wait to see. The Milly-Molly-Mandy is me is beside herself with delight. :)

I honestly have no idea......

Alice would you mind sharing how big your house property is? I always admire your outdoor photos. Your home and family are so beautiful!

No more mysteries! Does it have something to do with Diane?

I have no idea what you could possibly be doing with so much hay!

But I do know that, once, Davey got a few bales and spread them out upon the lawn in order to help the grass grow, but the long pieces did not seem to be doing what we wanted, so he mowed over them all. For weeks, our green lawn glittered with the golden bits of straw. It was just beautiful!

But I doubt whole-heartedly that you are gilding your lawn. :-)

I know - so I won't give it away. But it looks like a lot of hay!

Don't tell me that you are getting a thatched roof!! Oh my, that is AWESOME!! :)

Yes, it surely looks like you are getting the cottage thatched with long-straw! That is so cool and awesome and lovely all at the same time! We all look forward to 'in progress' pictures!

Your family is so beautiful :) The haystacks provide a VERY picturesque setting! And all publicity (intentional or otherwise) is good!

I just nominated you for a weblog award, if you want to accept the information is all on my blog :)

Glorious photos and very apt I must say, with all that hay!

I'm intrigued! I'll be tickled pink if it's for a thatched roof!

Eagerly awaiting more clues...
Hallie :)

My first thought was "They are actually THATCHING the cottage!" and then the comments seem to have confirmed it! OH MY! That is so exciting! I simply embarrass myself with exclamation point usage when I leave comments here, Alice!!!

I thought you were going to try your hand at being a country bumpkin and give Heather a reminder of Wisconsin :) Those are lovely bales!! I didn't even know people thatched roofs, I sure would like to see pictures of this project!

Oh, it's like a fairy tale! How perfect.

I can't believe you're thatching! Where on earth do you find thatchers in this country? Too amazing. Do you have some "before" photos of your home so that we can see what it looks like currently?

I don't know what you would do with all that hay, but my girls would have a "field" day climbing and playing on those bales. What fun!

Are you really thatching?! I can't wait to see pictures!

My first thought was that you are building a small straw bale house but usually that is done with regular rectangular bales. So perhaps a thatched roof as others suggest?

Completely clueless.....

Alice - you must tell....I keep thinking of thatch on top of our home living in an area with intense heat, humidity, and sometimes hurricanes....;)

I have no idea what you are doing with all that hay but I wish we were in summer here. Seeing your girls in their summer dresses makes me wish we were having warmer weather down under here.

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