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June 21, 2008


Beautiful, just beautiful!!!

Yes, simply beautiful!!!

So beautiful! I'm so happy the Latin Mass is coming back.

Oh Alice, how beautiful! I saw the article at the LIC and wondered if your girls participated. What a blessing for the two sisters to receive a sacrament together!

Congratulations Agnes and Theresa. What a glorious ceremony. Alice, what beautiful girls you have. There is such sparkle in Agnes's expression, such gentleness in Theresa's. Oh and that singing so lifts the heart!

How beautiful. I have never attended a Latin Mass but how awesome to see this part of the Latin Rite. Thanks for sharing.

Lovely. I and two sons were confirmed at a Latin Pontfical Mass in 1997!

Lovely. Your family is blessed.

Beautiful pictures - and singing. What a wonderful way to experience such an important sacrament!

Oh, great video, Alice! So glad I saw it live, though...but the impromptu singing I missed! Thanks for posting it. I'll be sending that to Libby!! If only she could get the 7-10 year olds to sing like that!

Wow, how fortunate to be able to be a part of something like this. And the singers both look and sound like angels!

Just beautiful.

Oh, so beautiful, Alice!

Beautiful! Congratulations to both of your lovely girls!

Oh, Alice, thank you for posting this. Now I can send it to the relatives who couldn't make it.

It was a great day, wasn't it?


Wow! Beautiful girls, singing and all!

Alice, how beautiful! And the singing was just angelic! When I read the article, I didn't realize your girls were involved. The red dresses are so elegant, and I love the girls' choice of patrons. What a blessing that the girls should be confirmed together.

It's incredible and so special they could be confirmed together. What an awesome memory this will be for your whole family, just gorgeous!! Congratulations to the beautifully confirmed and for their parents who shed so much love on them :))

Alice what a beautiful and special day you celebrated in your family. The girls and their dresses were just beautiful. Blessings!

Those young ladies of yours are so lovely in every way! And what a beautiful ceremony and singing! Congratulations, Alice, Agnes and Theresa!

How beautiful. Congratulations to your lovely daughters. You must be so proud!

Great post Alice! It gave me goose bumps reading and watching. We love the Latin rite too. Congratulations to your girls!

Your daughters are beautiful, Alice! Congratulations!!!

How beautiful! Congratulations and many blessings to them both (and the rest of you too)!!!

How lovely, Alice! Congratulations to your girls...I'm just a big jealous as we are working diligently to convince our Bishop to offer the traditional rite of Confirmation. We have nearly 20 young people who are eligible and desirous of receiving this sacrament under the Extraordinary Form. Pray for us!

God bless you and yours...

How wonderful! Thank you for sharing, Alice.

Beautiful, Alice, absolutely beautiful.

What lovely voices raised in song :-) Congratulations to your beautiful girls!

Beautiful! We love the TLM too and have our children receive sacraments in this rite.

I pray for this day. Any homes for sale where you live?

Oh Alice they look so radiant and their impromtu singing ministered to me this afternoon. Beautiful. May they all, always lift their song and Praise to God their Father.

Congratulations to your dear, beautiful family!

Hugs from CA!

Alice, that was so beautiful. I love the video of the girls singing.

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