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June 09, 2008


It looks like a delightful afternoon. The costumes are wonderful, as is the set. I can only imagine the acting was superb as well.

Oh this is awesome. The costumes and the sets are just wonderful!
I wish I could have seen it in real life.

Oh, this looks so fun! My Sweetpea would LOVE to participate...I will send her to you, Alice! :)

Gasp! How spectacular! I think it's time to move my family to Long Island, Alice!

Totally amazing! Congratulations to everyone involved.

Too lovely for words Alice! Well done all you very talented children!!

How beautiful everything is! I do wish we could have seen it - I know we would have loved every minute!

I'm amazed!! I wish I could've been there for the performance.

Wow. I don't think I even "know" that many homeschoolers, let alone that many with the dedication and talent to pull something like this off!!

Last summer, my 7 yo daughter and her friend wrote and presented a play based on the movie "Candy Land" (which was, in turn, based on the board game), and it came out really cute.

'Twern't no Shakespeare, though.

I'm impressed.

Wow, Alice...I am impressed...the costumes are very beautiful...wish I could have been there!!!! Congrats and love to Allie, Mary, Clair and Bernadette!

I'm speechless! It's utterly amazing what a bunch of great dedicated Catholic moms and their children can pull off. At my kid's Catholic school there are also some incredible plays and drama performances (mostly musicals like Pirates of Penzanze, The Sound of Music, Oklahoma!, The Music Man, etc)but no Shakespeare! And, like you, all with no "funding" at all...just dedicated parents and great kids. You are all SO talented. What a beautiful experience with memories to last a lifetime for sure!!! Thank you for sharing the photos. xoxo

How wonderful!! Congratulations on a job very well done!

amazing! you and your family (and hs group) are such an inspiration. thank you.

Wow...soooo impressive! A lot of work was obviously done and I hope ALL can see the value of it!

Amazing!!! I so wish I could have seen it!

What a grand production! Shakespeare would be proud :-)

This was unbelievably gorgeous - wow!

I keep thinking of Joan of Arc when I see your "Viola" in men's garb. You know, she'd make a great St. Joan... :)


Wow, super.

The pictures are gorgeous -- I wish I could have seen it in person.

that's amazing! love it.

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