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May 23, 2008


What a beautiful project! Thanks for sharing.

Ah, we just saw those pictures at Carmel in person a few days ago! :) And Blue and White is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

Was that a year ago already? Oh my.

You're so creative. I love how your children will take after all the beautiful crafts you do with them. Always inspiring them toward higher things. :)

Oh you need to come back to California soon!! A year is way to long, San Francisco and the fog is missing you.


I was at the craft store today - but shall have to return at the beginning of the week, after seeing this! How lovely that would look on your door.

Alice, perhaps it will ease your mind to know that I NEVER get around to putting grout in ANYTHING. :-)

I think it's a beautiful project just as it is!

Alice, those photos from the mission are just SO beautiful! I just had to put the image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on my desktop! Your craft activity was very inspiring as well, thank you for sharing it!

God Bless, Anne

They are so beautiful Alice, I love it just the way it is :)

What a lovely craft! And it could be adapted in so many different ways - how fun.

Excellent project -- this would be ufn to do a "Kitchen Madonna" in tiles to match the kitchen!

What a smart crafter you are, Alice!

What a great idea. It's beautiful.

Another great craft idea, you never disappoint!

So pretty! I just read the Kitchen Madonna and agree with Mary G that this would be a great take-off on that sweet book.


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