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April 15, 2008


What wonderful ideas!

I remember when he was elected, and I told my (then 5-year-old) son the new Pope's name. A little later I asked him if he remembered. "Pope Benadryl" he announced(what can I say, it was allergy season)

How envious am I! Maybe one day we will see him here in the UK.

This is so wonderful Alice, I'm linking you to my site for all these great ideas for those of us who can't "be there"!! Thanks so much dear friend!

Alice, wonderful ideas! Thanks so much. I'm thrilled to see that Pflaum has a page -- I used so much from them for our JPII study last year.

As always, a wealth of ideas!

I have been thinking of this picture all day long. Thinking of how wonderfully lovely it looked - reading to children out of doors, sharing with them the graces and beauty of your faith. Our homeschool group keeps the children so busy, I think we should consider incorporating more gentle, spiritually-minded moments like this.

Pope Benedict has said many things I admire. I hope his visit goes well.

Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful ideas!!

This is excellent, Alice. Thank you!!!

So many great ideas! Thank you Alice.
I prayed for your family's intentions at the Papal Mass in D.C. on April 17th. I'm glad you enjoyed the Mass in NYC so much!

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