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April 04, 2008


Once upon a time there was a girl named Alice. She was a beautiful and happy girl, and when she grew up, she married her prince and they had scores of children. Alice, The Prince and the Children were very busy living happily ever after, but one day, Alice decided to create a blog and share some of the happiness and beauty with the world. And the blog left its readers full of happiness and new discoveries. Every time.

The End (though we hope there's never an end to Alice's Blog.)

I LOVE you Alice. How fantastic.

THANKS Alice for this link ... looks like a fun one when the weather is less than Colorado's tourist board would have you believe ;-)

Blessings, dear

Karen's story says it ALL!!! Lovely link my illustirous lady :)

Oh this is perfect! I'm on bedrest now and take looooonnnnng naps! It's not quite the same as Mom reading to them but well-suited for this time of our lives! Thanks for sharing!

Love it!!! Thanks so much for another great resource.

This is wonderful, Alice. Thank you!

karen's story does, indeed, say it all! thanks Alice!

We LOVE storynory and they even have a podcast I subscribe to! Natasha's Alice in Wonderland is really very good :)

Thank you for this posting and link and it is right, Karen has said it all!

Alice, thank you so very much for the wonderful link. Also, I am really enjoying the link to the stations of the cross. Bless you for your thoughtfulness...

Thanks-- I will have my 1st grader enjoy it today!


John is LOVING these...except tonight when he is glued to the Yankees vs. Red Sox game :)

Thanks for the link.

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