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April 20, 2008


I remember sitting at the doctor's with Joe, who had an inch-and-a-half gash in his forehead. I could see the white of his skull (Blech! Too much info, I know!) but he was completely content to sit there and watch the NBA game.

Crazy kid.

You, too, are a crazy kid, Alice. You have such a BEAUTIFUL perspective! Yes, I am sure that listening to Ode to Joy made this "little" trial with Eileen all the more bearable.

I do hope she's doing well, though!

Oh! I hope Eileen's all right! What a way to spend the day! But seeing the Pope - I agree - wow. I remember sitting in the Doctor's waiting room three years ago watching the coverage of Pope John Paul II's death - and the election of Pope Benedict (allergies kept us in the doctor's office a lot that year)
And it's wonderful the sun came out for the Pope. When we saw Pope John Paul II in 1995 - it rained. And rained. And rained. And it was October. And I got sick. But it was so worth it.

Wow, what a diversion for the two of you... Thank God for that! I've yet to experience stitches with children, I think I would be a wreck! Blessings to little Eileen...

Poor Eileen, I hope she is doing okay now. It is always so frightening when things like that happen. With the mention of hospital I am reminded to ask after your mother. I hope she is improving.

It's nice to think of holy blessings coming over the tv in a hospital waiting room.

Poor little Eileen! But it is just like you to make the best of the situation, Alice. I was surprised at how beautiful the channel 9 coverage was! The Holy Father just could not have seemed more genuine.

Len and Lenny were blessed to be at Yankee Stadium. It was certainly an experience that neither of them will forget!!!
Hope Eileen is feeling better!!!
Love you,

I do hope that Eileen is doing well. I remember a simular incident with Avery when she was two (only I managed to avoid the ER)!

How like you, Alice, to always find the silver lining in every cloud. What a joy you must be to your family and friends.

Silver lining for sure, God bless your little Eileen, I hope she's OK sweetie! Love,

Oh no!!! WHAT a place to watch it all from! I do hope little Eileen's head heals speedily.

So sorry about the baby's injury! Hope she's feeling better! I went through a window and ended up in the ER, when my Mom was in Boston seeing Pope John Paul, II in 1979! Must be all the excitement of the Pope's visit leads kids to be careless!

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