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April 02, 2008


A wonderful article, Alice. That must have been so exciting to see him when you were so young.

We went to the mass in Giants Stadium in the 1990s. It rained then too - but we weren't allowed umbrellas. But what a tremendous and powerful experience.

I wish I could take our children to one of the masses this time - but our parish got something like three tickets.

A remarkably beautiful article, Alice. I too remember when our beloved Papa visited us in Alaska when I was eight years old. I have the photograph of him on that very day in the drawer of my nightstand. :)

Beautiful Alice. This has been on my mind all day - my heart aches every time I see a photo. I can only look for a second.

It's beautiful, Alice, as was he. Pray for us, Papa.

May an outsider comment on how inspiring you Catholic folk are? I remember the first time I went to Catholic mass, I was overcome with the sense of love that filled the cathedral - the middle of a week day, and yet all these people had come to church; big men with tattoos, elegant young women, children. All so obviously filled with a true love for their faith. And when I read things like your beautiful article Alice, and the comments people have left here, I see that love again shining through. Popes come and go, but John Paul II really was a perfect Catholic, and so he was always You were indeed blessed in him, but really it seems to me all of you bless your church. Your loving devotion brings tears to my eyes.

Which is all quite ridiculously off-topic, but it struck me so strongly, I just had to write it! Sorry!

Oops, a sentence got cut out. That's what comes of blabbing on! I actually wrote "John Paul II really was a perfect Catholic, and so he was always illuminated by that love."

Sorry again!

I read your article right away when the paper arrived yesterday, Alice. Beautiful reflection.

This recollection and your article are simply divine, I know I say that alot, but it's so true of you dear sweet Alice!!!

What a sweet remembrance. I also saw JPII that year when he celebrated Mass on the mall in Washington DC during the same trip (I was 15). Amazing wasn't it? Thanks for triggering the memories tonight.

Lovely memories of such a memorable moment. What a blessing!

Oh Alice! I knew that you'd rescue me. My family is extremely blessed to have received 4 tickets to the attend the Papal Mass in Washington D.C through our parish lottery system. This is the first sighting of a Pope for Mom, Dad & the kids. We're so excited to be able to share the Mass with my 5 year old and my 3 year old. I came to your site hoping to find link to some great online educational materials for my kids. Now, I'm leaving with the grand idea of making a Papal Visit Notebook. I can't wait to share that one with some future grandchildren. We will keep your family's intentions in our prayers on April 17th! Many blessings,

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