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April 10, 2008


Such a beautiful little musician!

She is just so beautiful!

How beautiful! And talented too!

No, it can't be!

She is absolutely beautiful, Alice.

She really is beautiful! They grow up so fast.

“Beautiful tone, beautiful heart” -- Suzuki

How perfectly darling!

Beautiful! And holding her bow beautifully too ;).

What a beautiful girl she is! How I wish they didn't grow so fast. :(

Alice, she is so adorable! They grow so fast...I'm trying to wrap my mind around the idea of having children that will turn 20, 18, and 13 this year. It seems they were just little bitty kids. :)

Oh, Alice, that cannot be the same child... I remember reading the guardian angel post just a week or so ago. :)
She is absolutely beautiful!

Oh Alice, she can't possibly be that big yet. She's an angel!

So sweetly serious!

Ooooh, I love it!! Let me guess... she's a Suzuki violin student if I can judge by that wonderful bow hold! I'm a Suzuki violin (and piano) teacher with over 25 students, and I so enjoy it!

Thanks for the adorable photo!

Ooops... it's actually over 15 students (not 25). Little type there. :)

She's beautiful! Are you sure you haven't done a switch? She can't already be that big! But, of course, she is. I only have to look at my "baby" (almost 3).

She is such a pretty little girl.

My mouth literally dropped open when I saw this. She's growing so fast! And what a beautiful and graceful young lady. You sure know how to make them, Alice!

What a beauty!

She is a little beauty-cutie!

Give that Little Sweetie
a Kiss from me

Ah! Your daughter is just beautiful!!!

What a BEAUTIFUL posture!

Oh, they do grow up so fast! What a beautiful picture of a beautiful little girl.

As Aislinn said "She is like a Princess all ready to go to a wedding"

She is so beautiful.

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