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March 06, 2008


Sweet, sweet, sweeties! The hats are cute,too!

How perfectly adorable!

Living dolls!

Completely adorable kids, nice hats, but the sisterly love is what gets into my heart. The admiration in one, the the big sister pride in the other, especially with that last photo. Beautiful and heart-warming. I don't know whether to sigh with appreciation or envy! Good work, Alice.

Oh they are so adorable - I want to just hug them and breath in their innocence.

Give them a really big hug especially from me today!


LOL!!! I kid you not, those hats are the only thing I miss about our very brief spell of cold weather! Thank you again for tipping me off to the sale, my dear. Rilla was walking around the house in hers last night and Jane and I were totally melting.

As I am now from these pix. That last one is a masterpiece. Oh, I want to hug those girls!

Looks like you hit the same sale that we did. They are so cute, aren't they? Looking forward to seeing and reading your new book!

Too too cute!

They are just dolls! Little girls like that always make me wish I had more younger sisters... and eagerly anticipate having some little girls of my own to dress up and to love!

Thanks for sharing the precious photos. Have a lovely day!

Grace and peace,

Precious little girls, Alice! I love pic 3 - it looks like they're "stepping out in style with their babies." :))

There's nothing quite like those sweet little faces peering out of that hat! Sweet toddler cheeks complemented by bright eyes- what sunshine! (I keep putting Annalise in her hat, too. I can't resist it.)

I'm coveting those hats! :-)

They're adorable! The girls too! ;)

God bless.

Hats AND those sweaters, but I'll just take the little cuties for keeps, OK??? Love you!

You're little one looks so grown up... it goes too fast!


scrumptious! they just melt my heart, alice. beautiful.

So cute! Too bad they don't have such cute ones for boys. (I'll bet you'll still get a few more weeks out of them). We had a blizzard on Good Friday last year up here in Maine!

Awh, they are adorable. The hats are cute too. :o)

Your lovely little cherubs are so precious. Cute hats too! Love your blog!

I love these hats too Alice! My favorite color is pink too. Your little children have the sweetest faces. The photos you post of them always bring a smile to my heart. Blessings and love to you my precious friend!

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