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February 24, 2008


We will pray, Alice!

Count on a rosary to be prayed by this mom of a daughter who'll be 12 in less than a week.

Alice, I will definitely be adding my prayers for this young girl! Thank you for passing this on.
hugs and prayers,

A family rosary for the miraculous cure of Miss Katie McBride will be said here tonight, too.

WE will pray for her.

Alice, I'm sorry I missed the time, but please know my prayers go out to this girl and her family. I know God will be with them.

We will certainly try to pray at just that time! We will be offering our rosary for her with all our hearts!

We will offer up a Rosary at 7:30 pm for this sweet girl and her family.

Starting on our prayers right now, Alice!

We just finished praying for Katie!

The clock struck eight just as we finished our rosary for Katie!

I prayed for her last night. Stil praying today. Her suffering really touched my heart. All hope is in Our Lord. She is in His hands, wrapped with Our Lady's arms.

Dear Alice,
I missed your post last night but will pray tonight for Katie--I can't imagine...

Hello Alice,
Your request really touched my eleven year old daughter, and she has sent out a prayer request to all of her friends. We'll also be praying for Katie each evening.

I am Katie's aunt, Jeanne's sister.
Katie passed away March 1 and is no longer in pain. We truly believe that she is in Heaven, testing out her wings and taking care of the smaller children. We thank you all for your prayers, without them we (her family) would not have made it through. God bless you all.

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