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February 09, 2008


He must have been a wonderful man. How blessed you are to have had him in your life.

What a wonderful bittersweet post. You were indeed blessed to have such a father. I'm sorry for your sudden loss.

May I ask if that is you or one of your daughters in the photo? It looks so much like Maureen!

Dearest Alice, my condolences. I share your sorrow. My father passed on Feb 8th, 2005. He passed because of Parkinson's Disease. I took care of all of his needs for the last 7 months of his life. Yesterday was a day of memories also.
pax. laurie

Oh, Alice, what a beautiful tribute to your father. Remembering you all in prayer.

Hugs to you Alice on this sad day. Thanks for sharing a bit of your father's faith and love with us. His warm smile is positively charming in that second picture! Prayers for all of you.

Sending you lots of love and hugs today. I Just love that song and just don't know how I will deal with the day when it come to it when my dad will no longer be there for me. As your Dad was an O'Brien from Cork I just know he was an amazing man and I am just not saying that because I am a daughter of an O'Brien from Cork!! Oh is that another thing we have in common. I really think if we looked into it we would be related somehow but we are internet cousins anyway! In St. Mary's church in Cork they are start the Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes today until next Sunday the 17th. My Aunt send me the Novena prayer so I started it today and I will remember you Mom and Dad as I pray the Novena. In our Parish church, St. Joseph's the novena is in full spring and will end on Monday and Dad has entered your mom in the intension box and she is prayed for everyday at the Novena and will be prayed for in a special Mass tomorrow.

Hope all is well for you all,

What a wonderful remembrance! I will remember you and your family in my prayers today at mass.

Oh Alice, these images and this tribute have made a lasting impression on my heart. Just look at the little girl in that last photo--and just look how she turned out! Your father's smile is so telling. He was proud of you then and he's even more proud of you now.

I will lift up your family's intentions in a special way at Mass today. Let us pray that when we are tempted to too much sorrow or even doubt, we will instead imagine the reunion that awaits us...

That was beautiful, Alice. Thank you for sharing this. You are truly blessed.

That was beautiful. I see a resemblance there - physical and spiritual.

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man. I will be remembering you in my prayers today as you deal with this difficult anniversary.

Oh, Alice, what an amazingly beautiful tribute to an amazing man. And the song is so lovely and sad. Prayers and hugs for you, sweetie.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us. Your father sounds like he was a true man of Christ! What a blessing!

Alice, I will be praying for your dad all day today and for you as well. I know a bit of your feelings as I miss my own father so much. Thanks for sharing this story.

Is that one of yours on his lap? Of course it can't be, but Alice the faces I see in your Christmas pictures are the very same face I see giggling on your daddy's knee! What a beautiful tribute. Thank you fo sharing it. I never knew him but I love him. I'll meet him one day...bye and bye...xo

Praying for you today, Alice. Thank you for sharing your memories of your dear father.

Oh Alice - such a beautiful tribute to your father, and such a wonderful song. I'm sitting here with tears falling down my face. I prayed for the repose of your father's soul in Mass this morning. I also prayed for your mother and you. The bottom pic looks just like Maureen on your father's lap...but I know it's you. Many hugs! :)

He sounds like he was a wonderful man, Alice.

So beautiful, what am incredible man, praying for his soul and for you my dear! Love,

((((Alice)))) Praying for him and all of you.

Praying for your father and you!

It would make sense that your father would be as wonderful as your lovely mother is described. I will say a prayer for him today. You are blessed to have had a good father.

Oh, Alice, how lovely this was. And how that last photo took my breath away! Like everyone else, I see your little Eileen in you, but even more so, I see Theresa as she looked when first we met!

I love you, dear one!

What a tremendous man, Alice. He will be in my prayers tonight.

Oh Alice, this has me crying! What a blessed, blessed father! May he bless you, your family and particularly your mother from above.

God Bless & lots of love, Anne

That beautiful song moved me greatly, thank you so much for sharing it and it is a blessing that it is so close to your heart...to your father.

What a beautiful memory. Praying for you all.

Oh my goodness, Alice! How beautiful!

You look just like your dad and that dear little one on your dad's lap looks just like your dear little one - just like!!!

What a lovely remembrance to your father. I share in your grief. My father suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in his sleep just a few months ago. Such a peaceful way to go for such wonderful men.

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