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January 07, 2008


Wow, Alice. That was beautiful! I never know what to do with all those pictures, but after reading your article, I will be displaying them all year long and offering extra prayers for them. God bless you.

Beautiful, Alice!

Great story, Alice. I always scrapbook those Christmas pictures. Those pages are the most favorite stops when the children go through the scrapbooks.

Those pictures are one of my favorite things about the Christmas season. Great article, Alice!

Lovely article, Alice.

Your beautiful writing never fails to bring a sweet tear. What a gift you have! And your reflections on this topic are as lovely as ever.

As a cross-racial adoptive mom, reading about family resemblances has a certain poignancy for me. I loved your conclusion, and know in my own heart and experience just how true it is!


Tears came to me, too. Gorgeous piece.

This is the first year I've ever sent out a Christmas picture. You've made me glad I did. :-) Happy Christmas, Alice.

Thanks so much for the comment! I *love* your blog!

Love your article! so glad the original version is what allowed me the privelage of being added to your Christmas card list! I just love my daily trips to the mailbox during the Christmas Season, always looking out for the picture cards!

Beautiful! We have your lovely card hanging on our wall. It is a blessing to pray for all of you. Much love from Chicago! :)

What a sweet story. As I begin to un-deck our halls this week, I will make sure to take some extra time to look at those photo cards and thank God for the people in them. Thanks for the reminder.

God Bless,

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