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January 21, 2008


Dear Alice, I know I am too late for this, but I wanted to send good wishes to your dd on St Agnes' day. I saw it in my calendar and thought of Miss A. - I actually paused a moment to contemplate how I could bring her example of kindness and loveliness into the day for my own daughter. I'm sorry I missed the day, I have a terrible memory, so may I send at least belated good wishes to her? I don't know if you celebrate saints' name days as they do in the eastern tradition.

The mention of Bantry Bay brought a big smile to my face! The weekend before my 21st birthday party Nan had mini stroke and was in bed upstairs not knowing anyone and we were not sure how she would come out of it . We discussed if my party should go ahead in the house and it was agreed to go ahead with the party.
We partied long into the night and we got to bed very late and allot of my college friends stayed the night.
I woke up at about 6:30am to the sound of music downstairs and I went down to find my friend Brendan playing the guitar and my Nan singing all the verses of the song Bantry Bay. Brendan was from Bantry and when Nan found that out she had to sing all the verses for him. Soon the whole house was awake having a sing song with Nan.
It was amazing that only days before we were not sure if she was going to make it and then all of a sudden she was up and singing!
Now if only she had thought me the words of the song but I can close my eyes and see Bantry Bay in my mind. :-)

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