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January 15, 2008


Lots of prayers this week for Alice and extra prayers to John Paul II to give her strength to make it through her surgery.

Hugs to you,

Offering my day for your mom, Alice.

Prays for your mother...

Alice, your mother, Helen, and my son's dejected heart and a positive career direction for him, are my intentions for this novena we began yesterday. I'm praying to Our Lady of Altagracia through the intercession of Sr. Marie. I have great hope.

I'm praying for your mother, Alice. I hope all goes well.

Alice, many prayers for your dear mother and you. :)

Praying, Alice.

Alice we pray for her everyday, Ryan in particular. We will continue to do so...

Your mother is never far from my thoughts and in my daily prayers. It is so hard to watch our loved ones suffer, especially our dear mothers. Be assured of our prayers! Much love to you.

Many prayers for your dear mom, Alice.


Wow, definatley praying for her and for that sweet Helen and her baby, no coincidences, just God and His Mother :)

Prayed for them at Mass this morning and will continue to do so. xo

Oh, Alice, we are praying for your mother here. We are also holding you up in prayer. What an incredible grace you have received, just when you needed it. It strengthens my (sometimes too-weak) faith.

Alice, I'm visualizing your mother in Mary's embrace as I continue to lift her up in prayer. All will be well.
hugs and prayers,

We'll pray for your mother, dear Alice. That story of the man next to your mother gives me chills.

Eight years ago John Paul the Great gave us a Rosary when he blessed our marriage...tonight I'll be praying for your dear mother with that same rosary.

I'll gladly pray for your mother especially this week - and for you, dear friend, as you go through this frightening time. I just know God holds both you and your mother with love and will bless you.

Oh Alice, please be assured that your dear mother is in my prayers!

Prayers continue, Alice, with love.

Prayers continue for your mom, and a Happy Birthday to her!(2 days after mine :-)
Love, Jane

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