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January 01, 2008


Happy New Year, Alice!

(Didn't post under the pictures of Eileen how adorable she is. She's a little girl now, a baby no longer! Isn't it amazing -- I look at my kids each year and marvel how they've grown.)

Oh what a wonderful poem (I got teary eyed too) Congratulations on you 2 years. I look forward to the next year. Clarice

Wonderful poem, Alice - Happy New Year!

Lovely poem!

Happy New Year to all the cottage residents. :)

Happy New Year, Dear Alice! Thank you so much for continuing to share your 'little house' with us!

This IS a lovely poem - thank you so much for sharing it.

How much we all take for granted. Thank you for posting this lovely reminder.

It's the best poem and I can't think of it without thinking of you sweet friend!! Happy New Year and here's to another great year of blogging at the Cottage!! Love,

I love this poem too. I recall with much love how Marie memorized this poem and used it for copywork many years ago. xoxoxo

Beautiful! Happy New Year! You are such an inspiration.

Happy Blogiversary, Alice!

Oh I learnt this poem in school and still know all the words. I love all the imagery and of course it is the imagery of Ireland that is now making tears come into my eyes. I am sitting in a meeting at work so I cannot cry!!

This is how I imagine the house:


This is one of my Mum's paintings that she has done for me.

What do you think?

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