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December 29, 2007


oh, what a dolly-baby! The winning smile (and the sweet tooth!) haven't changed.

And, of course, I love her name!!! :)

So sweet! Time goes too fast... Have a happy new year at your blessed cottage.

Absolutely precious!!

She really is such a darling little thing! I defy anyone to not want to hug her, at either age.

It is amazing how quickly children grow. She is so adorable!

I love that smile!

Awwww, she's growing so fast!

Stunning smile!

TOO cute!

What a sweetie! Why does it *still* surprise me how quickly they grow? :o)

What a dollbaby!

She is so beautiful!

Oh she's precious! And a girl after my own heart with those treats. ;-)

I should do a before and after with my little one as she was SO tiny last year.

Still eating sweets I see!

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