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December 13, 2007


Such a wonderful friend Margaret has and that is a very stylish backpack indeed! But it's the tall girl with the beautiful hair that I cannot stop admiring! Have a wonderful day, Alice. :)

I'm with Cheryl! Her hair is amazing. And a wonderful story of good friends too, of course. :)

I'm not sure what is better, the bag, Stephanie, or the story!!! ( =

What a beautiful heartwarming story. And I see others have already commented about that fabulous posture and beautiful hair, so I feel quite justified in doing so too! Stylish, is the word that comes to mind, like the teenaged Anne Shirley.

Oh my goodness, does it get any better than that! Joy of joys, it's Margaret's day today :)

Tell your daughter I want her hair... :)

Good news about the bookbag - but that HAIR! BEAUTIFUL!

The hair was the what captured my attention too! It's gorgeous! And, that beautiful ballet pose. Beautiful story all around.

Now, that is a lovely backpack, but, moreover, what a superb fifth position!

WOW what a wonderful friend!
Also what beautiful hair Margaret has.

She shares my Mum name who is Margaret Gwendolyn but goes by Gwen but when I have to get her attention when I am talking to home on the computer I call her Margaret!!

I used to have my hair that long when I was a kid - must try and find a picture.

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