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December 04, 2007


Another divine inspiration and creation Alice, simply gorgeous!

It really is lovely, Alice.

Oh, Alice, this is amazing! As you know, the Missions, especially Mission San Diego, are so dear and close to our hearts. Cash and I met there, were Youth Ministers there for many years, and our children have received all of their sacraments there. Never in a million years would I have thought of such a wonderful and beautiful project. You make me want to go and hunt down a frame just like yours and do this project! To be so creative and imaginative.....

Gorgeous, Alice! Thanks for sharing.

I LOVE the Missions and this is a wonderful craft ... I need to keep this in mind as I'd love to do the Missions with my littles this Spring or next year ...

As always, you're so good about sharing your wonderfully creative ideas!

So beautiful.

Alice, I love the pretty craft idea! I have never seen the California missions so I really enjoyed your photos of them as well. Thank you!

Beautiful, Alice.

Gorgeous! Oh, I really like this one, Alice, you have outdone yourself!

Alice this is beautiful. Just beautiful.

Alice, how perfect! One of my fondest memories was visiting the Mission San Juan Capistrano on my birthday, March 19th and seeing the swallows! I'd have to find tiny little swallow charms for my shrine and it would have to have orange blossoms in the front courtyard. They smelled so divine that spring.

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Alice, once again I'm reduced to "Wow! Wow!"

Just beautiful!

Your miniature mission looks beautiful!

This is really beautiful - very "southwest" looking. What a great way to preserve your summer memory of the missions.

The missions are very dear to those of us in Our Hearts' Haven........we only have a few left to see! Love this great idea! Wish I was part of your California memories :(

Or.......that YOU were part of our NY memories :)


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