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December 30, 2007


Awwwww! The way you've got it set up beside your mantle makes it look like you've decorated for a tiny mouse family. So precious!

That is so lovely! Ramona is sitting here next to me, oohing and aahing over every little detail. :-)

Will the creativity never cease?! Alice, you are amazing. You know how I love miniatures, and that tiny mantle is precious and lovely.

Its so sweet! Katie and I love it.

I really like your mantle, Alice, especially the miniature tryptych...God bless you and yours in the New Year! :)

Oops, Alice, sorry...the above post was me--dd was signed in! :S

So sweet! I'm sure the dolls will enjoy their lovely Christmas mantle!

How beautiful! I especially like the stockings! Fantastic!

Oh my gosh, it's soooo cute!!! We just discovered Tasha Tudor's Dolls Christmas this year at the library and LOVED her idea of setting up a dollhouse Christmas, your mantle captures the true beauty of the season with Our Lady on top, so beautiful, I love it!!

Alice, that is precious. I think my daughters would appreciate me staying with you and observing, say, for a year or so! Have a blessed and holy Feast!

That is SO cute! And I LOVE the big mantel-little mantel picture!

How lovely!

My 10yod has had a wonderful time decorating her dollhouse for Christmas this years. Earlier in the month she made a piano, and then made a teeny tiny red and green link garland out of construction paper. I marvel at her patience and ability to make something so small and perfect.

Best of all, Santa brought a new, much more elegant family, and a real Turkish carpet, and copper pans for the kitchen :)

A happy and healthy New Year to all the residents to the large *and* small cottages!

That is just darling :-)


Oh what fun! What craft store carries the dollhouse mantels? My daughter is eager to decorate one for her dollhouse.


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