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December 18, 2007


We loved the Wiggles here when Rose was little. We never got to see their religious side, but I always thought they were gentle but not patronising, educational in a good way, and really genuine people. It was so very sad to hear about Greg, the Wiggles for us were never quite the same after that!

Funny you should post this--my kids are on a HUGE Wiggles kick at present after I saw "Yummy Yummy" recommended over at Dawn's blog. They have been listening to this nonstop and all I can say is...it's a good thing I enjoy their music.

I didn't know about Greg, though. I'm sad for him and sad for us!

Thanks, Alice, I put it on hold!

We just ordered this and are so looking forward to seeing it! (It will be our first Wiggles video).

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