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December 19, 2007


Praying for her still, Alice.

What a beautiful model of the mother-daughter relationship this shows us.
I know these helps were a blessing and joy to your mom as well.
I thought of her during the prayers of the Great Litany a few Sundays ago. You all remain in my prayers as you find a path through these difficult, yet blessed, days.

Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman. She has my prayers for her continued recovery.

Well I've got tears in my coffe now, this was so beautiful and Alice your mother knows what she's got in you, you're her all over again. God Bless you!

Another beautiful inspirational post. Thank you for sharing.

She's quite a lady!

Oops - I hit "post" too soon.

That was a beautiful post and I know you miss her presence around the house. I also know how much joy she brought with her when she was there. Again, she's quite a lady.

We pray for dear Mrs. O'Brien here daily.

Good mothers are one of the greatest gifts God gives us - so great, that they are impossible to fully appreciate. Your beautiful mother is very much in my prayers, Alice.

This is so sweet! One of the great pleasures of my adult life is friendship with my mother. We just can't have that when we're young, and I'm so looking forward to it with my own children, too. God bless you, Alice!

You and your mother have been in my thoughts and prayers. This is a beautiful tribute to her.

Mom's are irreplaceable, aren't they? Continuing to say many prayers for yours.

Dearest Alice,
Such a beautiful post about a beautiful lady!!! Thanks for the reminder to cherish my mom!!!
Love you!!!

Oh, Alice, that's sad, but a beautiful reminder of gratitude too. Seems perfect for the sense we're supposed to have about Advent and Christmas.

Dear Alice, I've been meaning to tell you that I pray every day for your mother, and for you. I hope I can be half as good a mother to my girl as she has been to you, and that Rose turns out as lovely as you!

Alice, my mum is exactly like that too - where would I be without her blessed help and support in these very practical ways? I know just how thankful you feel, such blessings they are in all ways...

This is so sweet and lovely, Alice. My prayers for your mother, and for you and your family, continue.

Alice, your writings about your mother make me love her very much. I too, pray for her and you daily.

Oh Alice I know what you mean. The Advent wreath and a few scattered cards are the only evidence here that Christmas is just 6 days away. With us it's my husband who is such a help to me but has been distracted visiting and caring for his very sick mother. I'll be shopping tomorrow and Friday to try and get it all done, then Sat. we'll put the tree up. I'll be thinking of you then and trying to follow your resolve to remain cheerful. Please know that you and your mother are in our prayers!


Oh, Alice! Thank you for this post, on so many levels. I couldn't even begin to say what it meant to me to read it. Thank you for taking something as mundane (and frustrating) as immovable clutter, and turning it into a beautiful reflection. What a gift you have.

And what a gift must be your mother, too. She remains in our prayers.

We're praying daily for you and your mother.
God bless you Alice!

I am praying for your mom, Alice. Love,

I'm sure your mom missing doing all those little things for you as much as you miss her being there.
This must be such a hard time for both of you. Renewing my efforts to keep you both in prayer.
God bless. Love, Jane

Oh Alice--This is the first Advent in five years I've actually gotten things done and it's because my helpers have all been aligned...your thoughts are expressed beautifully and your mom has our continued prayers.

Thankyou for sharing your beautiful thoughts, they are contrary of being a pre- Christmas downer. In fact they are very inspiring. Have a beautiful Christmas, and know we are still praying for you and your mother!!

Alice, what a beautiful tribute to your mother. I, too, hope I can be that kind of blessing to my children. Thank you for sharing your heart with me today.

Alice I hope you know your
Mother is SO PROUD of you.
She also LOVED everything
and every second with you
since you were BORN!

I completely understand. I know too well every feeling you describe on so many levels. Even ten years after my mother's death, I still weep for her at Christmas time. I pray you share some lovely smiles and prayers with your mother this Christmas. God bless you both.

Still praying for your Mom (and you)! May God grant you a peacful Christmas.

My house is NEVER neat (not even 2 hours after I had a friend help me with the cleaning), we did Advent devotions exactly ONCE (I can't even find the time to give my kids the piece of candy in the Pre-made calendar) and my tree JUST got up (only because my DH went to Wal-Mart between snowstorms this week)and our outdoor Nativity Scene is still in the attic.

Hang in there!

Mary Beth

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the laundry piled to the ceiling!

Prayers are continuing for you and your Mom in Cork and California.

This is wonderful to acknowledge that you miss her being around. I wish my Mum was here now to help me. Larry is gone to the Niner game and before he went I had to supervise the laundry (with my arm I couldn't do it) how could a man be 44 and not know how to do it!! Now I wish Gwen was here to do the ironing, she would win a prize for ironing. Instead I posted some of her wonderful art on my Blog to feel close to her. I am so sorry I didn't inherit her ability to paint or iron.

Hugs to one and all in your home this christmas.

I, too, have been praying for your Mom and for your family. That was a beautiful post. Love,

I enjoyed reading this and seeing that you appreciated your mother greatly. I hope this Christmas will bring more wonderful memories.

And you made me cry a bit as I really miss the days when my children were little and still at home. You are smart to enjoy while you can.

Course I love them now that they are grown-ups too. It's a different kind of fun.

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