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December 23, 2007


How beautiful. I saw the original post for the first time just now--what a beautiful young lady, inside and out. (Wow, that makes at least three generations in a row!)

And, as usual (sigh!), you have brought a tear to this Irish eye.

May this be a truly beautiful Christmas for you and your family.

She looks so happy - and so beautiful! Enjoy your Christmas!

I wish you and your dear family a very Merry Christmas. I've never seen a more devoted and happy looking Mary--good things come to those who wait! :)

So lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Oh, I think I'm gonna cry for her!

Oh dear, now I'm crying. She so very much deserves this! But then I remember thinking at the time that she deserved to be the soldier too - in a good way, I hope you understand, because it really symbolised her goodness, her sacrifice, and her spirit of service. And now the reward! She makes a beautiful Blessed Mother.

I am going to tell this story to my dd, it is such a lovely lesson.

Blessings to your precious family at this sacred time.

Merry Christmas to you! Your daughter is a lovely child.

Oh how wonderful, what a Christmas present!! Love to you all dear friend and a Merry Christmas too!!

I'll bet her mother is beaming, too. I'm sure the Blessed Mother is. :-)


I recall so clearly being the Blessed Mother in the Kindergarten Pageant at St. Christopher's School in Baldwin so many years ago. The "choir" sang the Little Drummer Boy song and my part was to "nod" at the appropriate time. "Mary nodded perump-a-pum-pum." Your dear daughter will never forget this. And I believe that Blessed Mother chooses her daughters in a special way for this part....from that moment on I was Hers completely. The memory is crystal clear afer 40 years. I remember my mother making the blue veil and being very quiet while looking at me after she carefully used bobby pins to secure it in my very thin blonde hair. May your daughter blossom in the love of Our Lady each and every day for the rest of her life.

Simply splendid. I'm glad she got her turn to shine in the chosen role. The whole group looks dear. Merry Christmas.

She looks beautiful. I remember the post well. Your daughter is a beautiful girl inside and out Alice.

Merry Christmas to you and your entire family.

Alice, Theresa is just beautiful! In the bottom of the photo, is that little Maureen, the angel? :)

How lovely that the role came to her! I remember reading last year ... what a patient girl she is to wait just as our Blessed Mother waited.

Alice I hope that you and your lovely family have a wonderful Christmas.

Good things come to those who wait. Her selfless giving makes her perfect for the role.

How wonderful--she is perfect for the part!

How exciting! I remember when I read the Easter Pageant story, I was even then hoping she'd get the chance to be Mary! Merry Christmas to your and your lovely family.

Such a serene, gracious young lady. She deserves the role. Merry Christmas!

How sublime! I love looking here to gain hope for such a beautiful future for my girls, Alice.

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