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December 12, 2007


What a beautiful and inspiring activity, Alice.

Wow, you had quite an evening! Your cake was beautiful and you managed to give beauty and meaning even when things didn't go as planned. Thanks!

Great minds, Alice! We made gingerbread houses for the feast of Our Lady of Loreto, too!

Except mine turned out NOTHING like yours. Hmmm...and I'm surprised by this? :)

PS. Thank you many times over for the prayers. I am especially grateful for your friendship today--on the feast of the Patroness of the Unborn--for the Our Lady of Guadalupe rosary that you sent last year.

It's my favorite rosary, and believe me, I've quite a collection!

It looks really beautiful, even after the fall. What a lovely idea. Congratulate the girls for me on a beautiful house.

It's truly beautiful!! What a lovely idea and the worked so hard. I imagine those little angels werejust prompted by the beauty and delight of the day!!

Sweet...and lovely.
Do you know if there is a child-friendly book out there on the House of Loreto?

We do a gingerbread house every December. I'm going to steal your idea for doing it on the feast day. What a clever idea!

brilliant, as always, Alice. you always have such a lovely way of turning (consecrating?) the ordinary into things spiritual. thank you so much for sharing.

we do a gingerbread house every year, too. we'll now be doing this on the feast day.

What a beautiful house!

On another note, thank you for sharing your Our Lady of Guadalupe Tea, last year. Yesterday, we had 3 families over for the Feast of Our Lady of Gaudalupe and enjoyed praying hand sandwiches, tortilla tilmas, sombreros, rose punch, sugar cookies (Our Lady of Guadalupe, Juan Diego, and stars), and Tepeyac Hill (made out of a jello mold).
Happy Feast of St. Lucia!

Only at the Cottage does a mock up of the Holy House of Loreto actually take flight! Oh, this was such a delight to read today! Alice, hon, you take the cake!

Beautiful! Sorry it fell. We tried to make a gingerbread house (from a kit), but we didn't get past the back walls. Oh well, maybe we'll try again!

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