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November 26, 2007


Alice, this project is amazing! You are amazing! You do not fail to impress! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Oh they are so pretty! I can imagine filling the flower beds and gardens with shrines to all of our family's favorite saints. Your children will always remember making these, Alice, and years from now they will do the same with their children. I just know it!

They are lovely and most certainly will remain in your children's hearts. What a great project.

Love Them,I wish I was there to make one too!!

These are absolutely precious.

Those are wonderful! What a lovely idea!

Absolutely wonderful! A great project!

Such a wonderful project! I love them all and such beauty they add to the pots of pansies! :))

Your opening memory brought tears to my eyes as I am sitting up in bed here in Mountain View, CA and Dad is sleeping in the other room and I am trying not to count that there are only 5 more days of his visit. I must say that there are 5 glorious day left of his visit.

I too love the shrines in Ireland and have fond memories of them. I need to plan a trip home soon.

What a great project I must say my favorite one is the one Our Lady of Mount Carmel because of butterfly on top!! :-)


Alice, you are truly remarkable!! These are more than fabulous, what a special weekend you had sharing all these memories of your own and making new ones with your positively sweet family! The Saints are leaping for joy in heaven I am certain! Much Love,

This is a beautiful activity. I've never been to Ireland, but my Grandmother was from County Cork. I would love to do this activity with the children in her honor!

They are amazing!

They're all so beautiful.

That is just brilliant Alice! Your arts and crafts are always so inspirational, thank you so much for sharing!!

God Bless, Anne

These are wonderful! What a great idea.

Incredibly ingenius.
I love them!!!

The shrines are so, so lovely! And did you paint that beautiful iris and foxglove on your wall? So pretty.

Absolutely beautiful!!!!

This is a beautiful post and a beautiful craft idea! Do tell how you use those clemtine crates (please)! xo

Simply lovely!

Alice, these are absolutely beautiful! What a lovely idea. I can't wait to try these with the kids (and maybe as a group project with some friends). Thank you!!

I am completely impressed with these. If I can find the stakes this time of year, I may try this with my 6 and 7 yr olds to make as Christmas gifts. Outstanding idea!! Love it!

Oh Alice!! This is a *beautiful* craft, one I hope to do with the boys!

These are awesome, Alice!

Genius! I can't wait to try and get supplies to make some!

Such beautiful works of art! Such an inspiration.

I have been trying to get to the craft store all week, as you have inspired me! Say, we haven't had our morning coffee meeting over that way this year, right? Plotting...

What a beautiful craft!

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