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November 14, 2007


I came up Irish as well - perhaps that's the only answer to the quiz!!! LOL

Mais Non, Moi, c'est Francais!! I could have only guessed this for you dear Alice ;-)

Oh, my! Mine came up Russian!! (I figured that I'd miss out on my beloved Irish heritage since I don't drink, but...Russian???)

Apparently I am "mysterious and exotic," with "a great balance of danger and allure." I think this will appeal to my dh, anyway!


Alice, You LUSH! :)

No surprise, I came up Irish, too!

Mine was Dutch.

Alice, How's your mom? I've been thinking about her lately.

I came up Italian. Must be the food as I don't have a drop of Italian blood. :)

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, dear Alice! God bless you.

Have a great birthday, Alice. I hope it is a wonderful one. How's your Mom? I'm keeping her in my prayers.

Have a Happy Birthday Alice!

Praying for a blessed day and that your mom continues to improve...

Happy Birthday to you! Have a wonderful day! :)

Happy, Happy Birthday, Alice!

Happy happy birthday, dear Alice!!

Happy Birthday Alice! May our Blessed Mother smile special upon you today!

Happy birthday, Alice!

Happy, happy birthday, sweet Alice! Special prayers will be said for you today from the Laurence girls. Your birth is truly a gift to us all!

I love how warm all you internet Catholic homeschool mom-friends are! Thanks to Melissa Wiley, I know it's your birthday. I will be offering a spiritual bouquet for you today. :)

Happy birthday dear Alice!!! I'm sending you a little wish, I hope you get it. And many, many blessings!

Best wishes also to your mother on what is a special day for her too - the birth of her beautiful daughter. I hope she is doing well.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear friend!! I agree with Kristen--you are a blessing to all of us!

I was Irish too. B.T.W. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday! Thought it was next week! I came up Italian, no surprise, I'm 1/2 Italian, 1/2 Irish- although I love my Irish side, I'm definately an Italian eater!

It's now late over on your coast, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday! God bless you, Alice.

Happy Birthday Alice!!! God bless you always.

Hmmmm. I came up Irish, too! That is hilarious, as I am 0% Irish! Anyway, hoping you had a glorious day.

Happy Birthday Alice!

I came up Dutch! How's that for a surprise?

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