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November 19, 2007


Praying for you and your mother.

Of course, Alice.

We're already including your mom, you and your family in our nightly prayers during this difficult time, but I will add this special intention right now.

I am up in the night to have tea for a cough, so when I get off of here I will pray for your mother and you and your meeting, and offer up my tiny discomfort for that intention.

God bless.


I will be praying for your meeting.

Alice, we will be remembering your mom in our prayers today, and especially this intention.


I'll be praying, Alice.

You most certainly have my prayers, dear Alice.

I'll be praying throughout the day for you and your mom, Alice. And I was thinking how good God is that this happened after your sojourn west!

Blessings and hugs ... and tons of prayers, too.

Many prayers!

praying today.......


Alice, many prayers for your intentions.

Praying especially for this intention in our prayes today.

Dear Alice, many prayers for you and your mom tomorrow. I'll offer up our rosary for you.

Praying, Alice.

Praying for this very special intention dear Alice, and candle is burning all day for you :) Love,

I am praying my dear. I can only imagine how hard all of this is but I know our Lord is giving you strength and that our Lady is guiding you on this journey.

You can be assured of our prayers, Alice.

Why must there be so much pointless red tape?
So often, the "rules" just don't seem to be in the patient's best interest.

Dear Alice-- I'm praying for you all. May the love of family and friends wrap you like a beautiful blanket.

Oh, Alice, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. Prayers for you and your mother.

May Our Lady's mantle surround you with peace and strength. Please be assured of my prayers.

We are keeping all of your intentions in our daily prayers.

I will definitely pray for you and your mom.

Praying. This is a ridiculous policy of medicare... the same thing happened to us with my MIL.
I do hope she improves soon.

Oh how sad. We'll be keeping you in our prayers.

These intentions are now on my heart. You have my prayers.
God Bless.

Keeping you and your mother in our prayers.

Dear Alice,
Be assured of some Texas-sized prayers for you and your mother. God bless you,


Dear Alice,

I am so sorry that your mother is not progressing well :-( Even though she is still with you, I can imagine you must be suffering awful grief. This is indeed an autumn season for your family :-(

So often time and peace is what a lady needs to recover from such a blow. I wish your mother could get more of this.

Certainly you have had my prayers all through this and I shall continue to send them out with love.

I've remembered your mother in my breviary prayers almost every day. I will continue to pray for her recovery.

Oh, Alice, I'm sorry to hear this. We have faced the same loss of coverage from Medicare for my mil and her therapies. Continuing to pray for all of you.

How heart wrenching. I will pray for your mother and your family.

Just reading now and praying, Alice!

I will pray. We have been through this twice with my husband's parents. It is very stressful and (I am sorry to say) the best interests of the patient are not always the number one priority of the staff.


Prayers are being sent both from Ireland and from here. Gwen ( my mom will be at the library with Aislinn tomorrow and) will light candles for you all in Ireland. Dad is here and we will pray at Thanksgiving mass tomorrow. I was in Dad room just now and noticed his rosary beads under his pillow I will request aa extra decade for your Mom.



I'm so sorry you are having to go through all this, Alice. Praying your mom will get the best possible care at every moment.

Praying daily for your dear mother and all of you.

Hi Alice,

I am just checking back to see how the meeting went. You are all in my prayers.

Alice, just read this. We continue to pray.

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