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November 08, 2007


Alice -- I love these altars! Thanks for sharing and posting this craft ... looks like a visit to Hobby Lobby is in my near-future (we go about once a week anyway!).

Beautiful Alice - thank you for reminding us of these!

You are in our prayers dear one.

Beautiful, Alice! Thank you so much for sharing this craft. I'm going to save this one on my sidebar.

Thanks, Alice, these are beautiful! Prayers going your way for your Mom.

God bless,

How lovely! We are going to snitch your idea and do this craft during our 12 Days of Christmas Craft Day, letting each child make their own patron saint altar. Thanks for such a nice idea!

great idea, I'd love to do it too.

Alice, we loved making these, I'm so glad you posted them again, they are delightful!!

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