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November 03, 2007


So beautiful Alice, praying for him, what a special feast to share with St. Martin de Porres, Our Lady's Day and just after two such beautiful feasts. I know there was much more than just lanterns glowing after that beautiful rosary you all shared together, Our Lady must be so very pleased :) Love to all!

Lovely idea, Alice. Thanks for sharing. Our pumpkins are on our front porch and are seriously looking disfigured as our dog snacks on them. This is a better idea.

Hope your camera woes resolve soon.

Oh, Alice, everything you do is so beautiful!!

I can't imagine how gorgeous the real image of your daughter by the pumpkin was, if it was more stunning than what you show here.

We managed to put more effort into All Saints Day this year than ever before at our house, and now I see what a blessing it will be to carry the effort into one more day. (Well, there's always next year to get it right! "If the Lord tarries," as my Evangelical friends say) :)

It struck me this year that celebrating All Saints Day with such fanfare almost seemed like starting the Christmas Season early. For the first time, I don't mind that the stores have already moved on to Christmas! :)

Thanks once again for sharing your family's gentle and moving celebrations. You are such a wonderful inspiration!


Dearest Alice:
How beautiful!!! I have avoided Halloween for many years but the lovely symbolism that you have demonstrated are making me rethink that decision. As one of your other commenters said, "There is always next year".

Will keep your family in my prayers. Hope your Mom is doing better. I'm sure it's difficult for her on your Dad's Birthday.

I will pray for your father, although I am quite sure he is living a beautiful prayer now. :-) And I continue to pray for your mother and you.

Alice, prayers for your father today especially.

And I hope the camera dries out and recovers ... I seem to remember your camera drying out successfully once before!


I'd never before heard of the symbolism of the decaying pumpkin with a candle representing the mortal body and immortal soul, what a beautiful way of looking at a pitiful rotting gourd.

And what a lovely picture. I'd never have thought of putting a jack-o-lantern at Mary's feet.

Praying for your father, Alice.

Praying for a fellow Corkman and an O'Brien also today! Hope your Mother is doing better. Will remind Dad to light another candle for her in Cork tomorrow while he is at our local church.

I love your blog.

BWT, my Dad is coming for a visit soon and I made a reservation for us at the Secret Garden Tea House on your blogs recommendation.

Hugs to you.

My dad's birthday was Nov. 2nd (he is also gone now). Say a prayer for him, and I will say a prayer for yours :-)
I love the symbolism of the jack-o-lantern as you described it--definitely going to teach the kids that next year!

Beautiful! Thanks for the jack-o-lantern symbolism, I love that!

This is Maria's husband : just wanted to say I love the picture and what you wrot along with it.

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