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November 12, 2007


I clicked on just in time to join you all- thanks Alice.

Praying for Michele.

oh no! praying here too.

Prayers said, Alice.

Thanks for letting us know, Alice. We will pray here, too.

Prayers said - a little late her on the East coast but anytime is a good time to pray.

I prayed and am still praying, thanks for posting this Alice!


Praying here, too!

Late, but praying here too.

11:17 in Chicago,but praying here too.

Definately praying!

Of course I should have said West coast!!

My mind is distracted these days :-)

BTW, I can send you a CD of our Christmas Concert as Tim always records it.

He came to Ireland for my wedding and did the music for the Mass and my friends in Ireland are still talking how wonderful it was. I am so blessed to sing with such an amazing choir director.

Prayers are being offered for our dear Michele.

I just saw this, but I will be praying for her all day today.

Praying! Thanks so much for letting us know

Praying for Michele in the Heartland!

Oh my, I am so touched by your generosity and kindness. Thank you all so much! I AM feeling quite a bit better today. Thank you for the prayers and for making me feel so loved.

Seeing this late, but praying for you, Michele!!

Praying here -- better late than never.

I continue to pray for MIchele, thanks for posting this Alice.

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