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October 05, 2007


That's lovely, Alice, and I'm glad to have something to read. I've been missing you!

Congadulations Alice, you are a wonderful writer, I ma sure everyone will enjoy your column. xoxoxo Clarice

Lovely article, Alice, congratulations! How exciting!

Lovely article, Alice! I'm so happy to see others will benefit from your beautiful writing. I'm quite sure Our Lady is very pleased as well! :)

Beautiful, Alice! I love being a part of your pilgrimages with your family. I will always remember your visit to see St. John Vianney's precious heart last year. God Bless,

As usual, your writing is an inspiration. So glad you shared with us non-Long-Islanders.

Oh Alice, I'm so thrilled for you to be writing for them, what a joy!! Can't wait for your other posts too :)

Beautiful (as are you--lovely photo!). Thank you for sharing and how lucky everyone in Long Island is (I'll have to check if Ben's aunt receives this newspaper).

What a wonderful article - and how great that you will be doing this regularly! Congratulations!


Congratulations on the column. I enjoyed the first piece and am certain all the rest will be just as lovely.

I was just thinking yesterday that I'd missed seeing any news here in a while.

And I have to add that when I loaded your page Isabella gasped pleasurably at the lovely banner photo, she was quite taken with the lovely running girls in white!

Very nice, Alice. Your children are so blessed to have you guiding their way.

Wonderful job! Thanks so much for sharing.

You are perfect for the job-such a great & inspiring writer. People will benefit from your articles. Be sure to link them so we can keep up!

Glad you're back! I love the way you sow "teachable" moments into your day, such as pointing out God's providence is more than what others would call "chance". I always try to do that with my children. (Also, that picture of you in the side column is BEAUTIFUL!) You are truly an inspiration!

Alice, it's beautiful! Congratulations, and I love the picture!

And, please tell your dearest Agnes, from this former atheist, that the unbeliever's arguments only take her so far, and that when good Christians are praying, we end up Catholic! :-)

Beautiful writing as always, Alice! What a blessing you are...for so, so many!

You are a beautiful child of God, outstanding wife and mother, wonderful teacher, precious Sister in Christ to so many of us! Thank you!!

So glad to find you back! What a beautiful article and congrats on the new column!

Oh Alice what a blessing you are! I am so glad our Lord is using you in this way. The article is beautiful! Congratulations!

Congratulations Alice! I am so happy for you!

As you so often do, you brought tears to my eyes. A beautiful article Alice, thank you! And congratulations.

I loved the quotes at the end also.

Wonderful job, Alice! :)

Great column!

Oh, Alice, this is just wonderful. Your article gave me chills (the good kind!) What a wonderful witness to your children. And to the readers of the LI Catholic. And to me!

Thank you. I just love this site, you are awesome! :)


I am a fan too - I love the quotation from the CCC about atheism being contrary to "the secret desires of the heart". It is so true and it makes me proud to be a Catholic. Thank you and Agnes for the lesson! (And you are beautiful in your photo!)

That was a beautiful article, Alice! The moments were so perfectly described that I felt I could have been there myself! I hope to see more of your work in the Long Island Catholic in the future.

What a beautiful story, Alice!
Congratulations on your column!
I'm sure many Long Islanders will enjoy your writing as much as we all have!

Beautiful story! How much Our Lady loves your devotion and simple faith in all things. You are such an inspiration to us all!! God bless! :)

What a wonderful devotion you have to Our Blessed Mother -- and thank you for posting the photo of that beautiful statue.

I'm so thrilled that you got to see her! We also stopped in Queens to see her on the way home from my in-law's a couple of weeks ago. Just being in her presence was exhilarating! Thanks for sharing the beautiful article.

Very beautiful, Alice. As always.

Your article was as wonderful as the rest of your writing... and quietly inspirational :) Thank you so much for sharing with those of us who live 'elsewhere' :)

Great to see you back in my Google reader list. Love your article. You have such a wonderful talent and I am so

I started a new blog - only a few posts so far and still need to edit them. Check it out:

Beautiful article, Alice, it was so great to read about Our Lady of America in "The Long Island Catholic". I only wish your lovel photo shown here were included!

Oh boy! How did I miss this? This is WONDERFUL! Congratulations, dear friend. Long Island will be abundantly blessed by your precious pearls of motherly wisdom. I can't wait for the next one.

I said it once, and I'll say it again...Hooray! Really, I am just so happy about this!

I have to come and tell you...last Sunday we walked into church for mass and guess who was near the Marian altar waiting for me...yes, Our Lady of America! She was exquisitely beautiful!! In a very quick decision, she was brought to St. Patrick's in New Orleans. What a treat!! :)

A beautiful piece. Thank you so much for sharing your blessed event - with us and the Catholic internet world.
You and your children have the most faith filled, miraculous adventures.
I had even More tears after reading the updates about your mother.
My prayers are with her and you. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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