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October 29, 2007


Wonderful article, and I LOL over your "maybe that's how he lost his shirt" comment. Ineresting, how they just put random photos in with articles sometimes.

Oh, I'm so PROUD of you! What a terrific article!

Such a wonderful article, Alice! The photo does not seem to go with your piece very well...they both look deeply troubled.

Well, congratulations on another lovely article posted but apparently whoever chose the picture didn't read it?!? Perhaps you could submit a photo of you and your beloved instead? Or maybe put a pic of you two joyous souls on your blog so that when readers click on over they can see a truly happy, blessed couple.

I'm so glad that others are getting to read that beautiful story! It made me cry again, reading it for the second or third time. I think it is my favorite piece of all the things you written here...so beautiful, so true.
Much love,

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