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September 10, 2007


Alice, I can't imagine anyone meeting you and your beautifully mannered children and not being utterly charmed. Who cares about a bit of clutter or stains when there is so much lovely spirit to warm a visit? Besides, it's nice to know that even you can be cluttered and ditzy! That gives me hope for myself that I can be gracious and calm.

I suppose I have an unfair advantage in answering the trivia, so I'll hold my tongue. But I do so love to win.

A very funny recollection of your day, Alice. If I know you, you handled it with perfect graciousness and Alicia didn't even notice anything amiss.

Alicia, I recommend meeting at Ghiradelli's next time...Alice seemed perfectly at home there. :)

I worked in an office during college with Alicia. She is every bit as sweet and lovely as you saw from your brief visit. I miss her, too! Happy packing. Though it seems you had a blast in CA this summer, I am sure you will be glad to get home!

I wonder how the employees of the Japanese Tea Gardens reacted when they discovered that their ornamental baseball cap tree had finally bloomed. :)

Oh Alice, I have tears in my eyes. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our visit (and felt entirely at home with you and your children) and can't wait to have our entire families meet someday.

LOL LOL LOL!!! Well, now I'm even more jealous that I wasn't there! Alice, this reminds me of a story I read long ago about a woman who new friend rang the doorbell unexpectedly, and the woman's house was a disaster inside. She hesitated for a moment, considering not answering the door. She was just getting to know this new friend, and though they had clicked instantly, she feared that the state of her house (she had young children, nuff said) might turn her new friend off. But then she thought to herself, "I will never let a dirty kitchen floor get in the way of a friendship," and she opened the door—to the friend who became her best friend for life. Probably her "realness" is part of what endeared her to the other woman!

You could be sitting in the aftermath of a tornado and you'd be as gracious a hostess as ever! And do you mean there are days when the baby ISN'T covered in pen from head to toe? If your Eileen could tip my Rilla a word of advice, I'd appreciate it! ;)

Hilarious post. Almost as much fun as being there. And Alicia, ROFL about the ornamental baseball cap tree!

Your Agnes is just the most poised, kind-hearted girl. I so want my daughter to grow up to be just like her!

How wonderful. I can just see Alicia loving those bookshelves!

And the answer to the trivia question? It must be Margaret in MN!

Kristen Laurence, you are one sharp cookie!

The funniest thing is that earlier in the summer, I was reading the posts at Margaret's blog and wishing I could meet Diane and Alicia! It is truly hilarious that they *both* wound up coming to San Francisco.

Many, many thanks for your kind comments, everyone. Alicia, your ornamental baseball cap line has been re-playing in my head and making me laugh all day.

Jeannine, Allie blushed and smiled from ear to ear when I showed her your comment. She is going to be very, very happy when we see you again!

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