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September 06, 2007


Love it! :)

That's quite good for a cream cheese sculpture. I've heard cream cheese is a very difficult medium to work with, rivaled only by butter, and sculptures such as this are only attempted by the most skilled of artists. Beautiful.


Wow! That's pretty neat!

I'm impressed!

Great likeness! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful work with us.

Who says there's nothing new under the sun?!

We LOVE Rodin, visited his Musee en France, delightful!! Nicely done!

Bwah!! Been a long time since I saw those pictures! LOLing over here!

Alice, you are so funny! What great talent you have and how sweet of you to do that for your friend. What great memories you all must have of that.

What talent! Did you eat it with crackers afterwards? :)

Excellent work, Alice! You're very artistic!!! :)

That is too funny. Is there no end to your talent, Alice?

Alice, you are amazing! In every way. I have never seen anything quite like this before.

I think you have a future in sculpture! Very interesting.

That is by far the cheesiest thing I've seen on your blog!LOL!

Alice, you are a genius!

LOL! It is funny but really quite GOOD Alice!

The cream cheese Thinker would be in deep peril in my house full of cream cheese monsters.

I was going to say LOL but then I thought, actually it's impressive. ;-)

I've never considered cream cheese as a medium for sculpture before - what a fun thing it'd be to do in school with the kids.

I don't know, Alice, maybe I'm just not cultured enough, but I really kind of like the cream cheese rendition better :o)
Maybe it's just the creator I like better

Thank you, Alice! That is really quite impressive. I appreciate you remembering to share it here with us. Welcome back from your trip!

LOL I LOVE it. But now I am hungry... I hope you ate it and had fun doing so :)

Love it, Alice! Well done.

Oh, what a bright future is at your artistic fingertips through the use of dairy as your medium! I can see it now, next Alice attempts Monet with Muenster, Giotto with Gouda, and Botticelli in Brie. Your worldwide renown in this area will then lead to an apt renaming of your blog to "Cottage Cheese Blessings" :)

LOL... What's so funny is that it's actually such a very good sculpture! Never let it be said that your sculpting talents are cheesy ;) Great memory

LOL Alice. Only here would I stumble upon a GOOD rendition of a sculputure - in cream cheese!


I sooooooooooooooo wanted to see it. Thank you. The Lord truly has gifted you with a unique skill set!

Next time I make it to the store we will be making cream cheese sculptures. The kids are going to love you even more (if possible) the day we do this project. Your awesome.

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