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August 01, 2007


Thanks, Alice :-)

Beautiful reflection, my dear, and so very true. Thanks for the peaceful perspective. :)

Wise words, Alice...very wise words!

Alice - very beautiful and so true. :)

Thank you, Alice.

Yes, such an important reminder!

Thank you for sharing this important reminder. We as moms do tend to feel badly about not keeping up with activities that we start. I always get such good advice when I come here!

I can relate with this post so much. Very well put.
hugs and prayers

Yes, yes, yes!

Definitely true - I go through seasons of blogging, cos Ii have something to share with friends and family and seasons of not feeling able to share, just yet - so, no bloging.

Too true!! Love your busy and your quiet times :)

Thank you! :-)

You are such an understanding sweetheart.

This is so true, Alice. Such a beautiful reflection on our family lives and motherhood. It's all so glorious, in different ways. And, I'm enjoying your plethora of posts these days.....

Oh, this is beautiful, Alice. This is exactly what I've been going through! Do you mind if I quote you on my blog?

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