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August 09, 2007


So studious! My oldest (turning 7 in Oct) wants an Ancient Egyptian theme for her birthday party. Let me know if you have any ideas based on your recent museum trip!

A MUSEUM book, a la CM :) That is great!

How sweet!

He's so cute. I feel like he got much taller over the summer, or is it just the angle of the photo?

And what a handsome young man! Beautiful photo.

Sweet boy. Love your title!

Oh Alice, what a cute young artist you have there! :)

What a great experience! That's so much fun.

How intent and thoughtful! I'd like to compare it to my own almost-first-grader who wanted to take his pad and pencil into Target yesterday. Hmmmmm. Maybe we need another Alice-inspired outing.

How cute is he?!?

So adorable! I'm planning my art right now, and I have to remember to spend more time at the museum this year.

Oh my. That just melts my heart!

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