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August 28, 2007


What a beautiful sight!!!!!

Just beautiful. What rich and varried memories you will have of this summer.

I am so glad that you went to check it out. I love that church and have wonderful memories there.

Alice, I am so glad that you went to St. Dominic's. It is such a beautiful church -- one among so many beautiful Churches in the City. I don't know how much longer you'll be in the City, but there are several other Churches you might want to put on your "list"! You might just make a visit downtown at St. Patrick's (on Mission near 3rd) or the "French Church" -- Notre Dame des Victoires on Bush (also downtown). If you get out west of Twin Peaks (in the fog), St. Cecilia's on Vicente at 17th is beautiful as is St. Brendan's just off Portola on Rockaway. Also, just outside Golden Gate Park on Judah (between 8th and 9th) is St. Anne of the Sunset. And...(I hope I am not inundating you!) the wonderful Carmelite Monastery across from St. Ignatius Church at Funston and Parker is definitely worth a visit. The sisters there are WONDERFUL and you might even be able to visit with them. (The former Prioress, Mother Mary Joseph, is a dear friend of my family's.)

What a beautiful statue of St Jude, you don't often see statues of him around here and that one is exquisite!

I use to pray to this beautiful saint so much when I was a child - very much attracted to the 'saint for impossible cases'!!

In case you haven't heard of it, this is a lovely illustrated with a decent, lengthy story of St Jude's life for children:


Gorgeous church, if one can say such a thing about a church! How lucky you are to have such solemnly religious children.

Alice, this is the Church where I graduated high school -- St. Rose Academy was/is right next store but had such bad damage from the '89 earthquake, it hasn't been reopened. How cool that y'all got to see it! BTW, my older brother and sister were baptized there too!

Alice, this is sooo beautiful. When ever I look at pictures like this, I wonder how can any of our modern, auditorium like churches not miss the beauty that our altars, statues, candles and flowers once brought to the state of reverence in a church??

So glad you were directed there!!!

I just wanted to say i enjoyed looking at your page and the great photos, like the one of Saint Jude from SF Church, i actually was there a few nonths ago while in SF, and loved the church ,another extremely beautiful church i was in was Saint Peter & Paul near China town..what beautiful statues they had and the church is so amazing!
I grew up Catholic went to Catholic school, and have remained very strong in my beliefs, thanks to my Grandmother who always displayed many statues in her home, The new church look is horrible and cold, and i will not go in them, but give me the old fashioned church with statues, and i will be there for sure.
It is so nice to see your raising your children..Beautiful i must say..to have a love of statues and traditional Catholic celebrations like May crowning, and feast days of saints..as a kid i always loved that, and still do.
I love your new Fatima statue too! :)
God Bless you and yours.

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