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August 03, 2007


Alice, so sweet! My grandmother used to tell me she thought watching my little kids was more entertaining than going to the movies. :) Now what is that little one in the last pic trying to explain to you?? :)) She's just precious!

Ok...that brought a tear to my eye.

I love it. :)

It reminds me of a cute story from our "long ago". When Ria was a toddler and Gus just a baby she quietly ushered us into the room where he was sleeping and urged us to sit down with her. She pointed very seriously to the baby blissfully slumbering on our bed and announced "This is a movie of Gus sleeping."

Oh my - you wrote exactly what I was feeling last night. I miss who they were then as much as I love who they've become. It's such a strange feeling of joy and heartbreak. I must go hug my babies now.

I love looking at baby pictures. It keeps me from getting lost in the madness of the day to day, reminds me of how much I love them. You have such a beautiful heart, Alice.

I have a love-hate relationship with my dd's baby photos. On the one hand I love to look at them and remember, and bring back a little of that time. On the other hand, to know I'll never experience that particular joy again ...

I loved your post. It captured the bittersweet quality of motherhood perfectly.

Alice, this post is just as precious as the "scenes" from your movies. How I never want mothering small ones to end!

There's no better 'movie' playing anywhere - then in our own homes. Thanks for the wonderful thoughts.

I love this, Alice and must say I've done the same thing.

Alice, I often do what you've described - I call it "previewing a retrospective". It never fails to magnify my children's charm. If only the real memories remained as vivid!

I love looking at my little ones' baby books! My children do too - we spend hours pouring over scrapbooks. I think it helps build some family memories and stories too. So many things from my own childhood I can't tell if I've actually remembered them, or just remembered the picture. I want my children to remember the feelings and the happenings behind the pictures. So I write A LOT in their scrapbooks... and I hope blogging helps me remember as well. You have such a way of writing your family's story on your blog - thank you!

That's the most beautiful idea, Alice. I often look at CURRENT photographs of my kids and get all misty-eyed and nostalgic for right now, which is both silly and lovely.

Beautifully said, Alice.

Just the other day, I used your old trick of doubling the children's ages to get some perspective. Now, I have another beautiful idea to use to help me savor these fleeting days. Thank you, Alice!

Oh, Alice- you never cease to inspire me! I have been guilty of not appreciating my children too much lately. I will try your suggestion!

Looking at my kids' baby photos gives me baby fever, LOL!

It's amazing how fast time goes. I can't believe my babies are already 2 1/2! I love looking at their pictures, but then again, I've still got them here with me for a few more precious years.

Thank you so much Alice. Last eve I "made a few movies." The greatest part is I was able to reach out and kiss little cheeks afterward!

I had tears reading this and then went and gathered my children around and just enjoyed their laughter, bickering, smiles and tears.

You captured many women's feelings so well.

many tears here Alice.

Thanks for the reminder to enjoy my babies amidst the chaos. I think I'll go rock one of them to sleep.

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