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August 21, 2007


I am LOLing too--partly in fond memory of that beeyootiful sculpture, one of the very best Alice-and-Brigid moments EVER--but also because you and I, with our usual sympatico-ness, wound up writing about art museum visits on the very same day!

Nice to know YOUR crew gets smiles. :) I'm not at all surprised!

I kept looking at the pictures, hoping to see one in cream cheese! Are those photos still available anywhere? :>

Yes! They are on my computer in New York! Thank you for asking, Heather. I will post them here when we return home.

What a happy and beautiful post! Thank you for cheering up my early morning. Can't wait to see The Thinker in cheese! :)

Yes I'm going to have to see your art work too. What a funny story.

Once again, Alice, you provide a delightful story! And I am so glad that you found one of my favorite places in the City. I well remember one of my earliest visits there to see an exhibition of Rembrandt paintings including his "Supper at Emmaus"; I was probably all of six or seven but can still see the "light" in that painting. My dad told me that when he was in law school (and living on 25th between Geary and Clement) he would often take the bus to Lincoln Park and doing his studying there!

Great story, I'll be eagerly awaiting the sequel, Alice!

Oh Alice, what a charming story ... I need to see the photos of your masterpiece!

If I were inclined to be jealous, I would. Some of my favorite artists collected together. I am so glad you were able to share that with your children.

As usual, Alice, you've brought a smile to my face with your vivid and beautiful writing. I can just see you leaning over a block of cream cheese! Tim would have thought me off my rocker! :)

I can't wait to see your "cheese cream art"....I'm not sure I could do anything with cream cheese other than eat it! :)

I have not been commenting tonight at any of my blog visits because I am just way too tired BUT how could I resist?!
You are too fun, funny, and apparently ever so talented. I would love to see your cream cheese masterpiece too.

Can I just say I'm jealous of all the beautiful art you are seeing? That first photo is absolutely gorgeous.

Funny story!

We LOVE this museum, Alice! I wish I could join you at The Met! DO go to MOMA to see Starry, Starry, Night in person...........a dream come true!!!

"New York's cheesiest artist" LOL!!! Too funny, Alice!

Alice! I have been trying to post a comment for three days but it seems my Explorer browser is now so hopeless that I could not engage Typepad. So I have changed my browser back to fabulous Firefox and here finally is my comment ...


I love all the posts about your adventures but I miss romping at the park with you and your brood. Please tell me that you are coming home soon!!!

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